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ISED Canada

date:2023-04-10 13:08:24

Introduction to ISED certification
Since 2016, IC has officially changed its name to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is responsible for the certification of electronic and electrical products entering the Canadian market. Its responsible products are roughly broadcast and television equipment, information technology equipment, radio equipment, telecommunications equipment, engineering and medical equipment, etc., similar to the US FCC.

Impact of the name change
1. The headers of all authorization letters are replaced by the original IndustryCanada
Innovation, Science and Economic DevelopmentCanada
2. The original IC number is renamed ISED Number, but its expression on the label remains unchanged. Or IC:XXXXX-YYYYYYYYY
Product range
—Broadcasting and television equipment
—Information Technology Equipment
—Radio equipment
—Telecom Equipment
—Engineering doctors are not prepared
Data preparation
1. Product manual
2. Circuit schematic diagram
3. PCB board diagram
4. Block diagram
5. Application Form
6. Product pictures
7. Sample
8. Canadian local representative (if not available, our company can provide it)
9. Other
ISED certification (Innovation, Science, and Economic
Development Canada)
Is it mandatory: Yes
Controlled products: radio and television equipment, Interference-Causing Equipment
(Information technology equipment, engineering and medical equipment, etc.) Radio equipment, telecommunications equipment and other telecommunications
Terminal equipment
Factory inspection: none
Certificate validity period: none
Local test: No
Local agent: Yes (not required for VoC)
SDoC: The supplier self-declares that it meets ISED's technical specification requirements. Self-declaration is not an arbitrary claim, but the product must be tested to meet the limit requirements, and the product label, manual, importer and product technical information can only meet the requirements of the SDoC process Make self-declarations.
ISED ID: For the certification of wireless products in Canada, the test needs to be carried out in a laboratory accredited by ISED, and the report and technical information are provided to the CB (Certification Body) organization to issue an ID certificate after review.
ISED informs applicants that the product certification that is judged to be incorrect by the CB agency will be rejected by ISED and cannot be included in the wireless equipment list (REL) on the ISED official website.
In addition, ISED notified manufacturers that the above standards are currently being revised. Once a new version of the standard is released, equipment manufacturers, exporters, distributors or other sellers in Canada must meet the requirements of the new standards.