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About ATC

date:2023-04-18 11:12:05

BACL Group, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a leading international third-party testing and certification agency worldwide. Currently, we have over 2000 employees worldwide, over 10 comprehensive laboratories, and over 40 branch offices. Shenzhen Accurate Technology Co., Ltd. (ATC), as one of the brands under BACL Group, was established in 2003, covering an area of over 1800 square meters. With world-class testing equipment and professional testing personnel, it is one of the earliest laboratories in China engaged in Electromagnetic compatibility, Wireless, and Safety testing. Since its establishment, ATC has been based on the layout of the high-tech electronics industry, strictly managing and operating in accordance with the laboratory quality management system standards of ISO/IEC 17025, and has obtained witness laboratory authorizations from China CNAS & CMA, Hong Kong EMSD, the United States A2LA, FCC, Canada ISED, China's import & export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions, as well as numerous international authoritative certification bodies. We can provide customers with various product testing reports, certification applications, countermeasure technology consulting, standard and regulatory consulting, etc. Our products include: Multimedia, Home Appliances, Lighting Fixtures, Toys, Radio and Television Industry, Science, Medical, Automotive Electronics, Wireless Radio Frequency products, Electronic and Electrical, etc. For many years, ATC has always been committed to providing professional one-stop solutions such as testing, certification, and inspection for domestic and foreign enterprises with the service concept of " Professional, precise, efficient, and convenient ", providing comprehensive security for customers' operations and supply chain, and enabling customers to confidently market their products worldwide.