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CE-EMC 2004/108/EC Europe

date:2023-04-08 14:45:04
Certification mark
EU member states

EEA member states
Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (although they are not members of the EU, they are linked to the EU through the EEA agreement of the European Economic Area, allowing them to join the Single Market).
Before products can be imported into the EU market, they must comply with the requirements of the relevant product directives. Directives are joint EU Directives to simplify trade between member states. A number of different safety directives require products to bear the CE mark before they can be sold in the EU market. In order to protect the health of consumers and protect the environment, the European Union has set a series of CE directives to ensure the safety and quality of products. Before products can be labelled CE and legally sold in eu countries, manufacturers and exporters must meet the following requirements:
• Complete a Technical File to prove that the product complies with the relevant requirements and the corresponding instructions.
• Complete a declaration of conformity, indicating that the authorized representative of the manufacturer indicates that the product has met the requirements of the directive.
• In accordance with other directives, you must also obtain a CE mark certificate for the cost of a particular product from the designated body.
ATC has helped numerous manufacturers to meet CE requirements and successfully import into the EU market. Our extensive experience and ability to test a number of directives include:
• Low voltage equipment 2006/95/EC
Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/EC
• Toy safety 88/378/EEC
• Medical Devices 93/42/EEC
• Radio and Telecommunications Equipment 1999/5/EEC
Low mechanical 98/37 / EEC
• Automobiles and their equipment 95/54/EC
The factory inspection
Voluntary factory inspection in accordance with the European Electronic technical Standards Committee.
Certification requirements
• Languages of different countries
• There are 5 different sizes of plugs in the EU.