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BSMI Taiwan

date:2023-04-08 14:37:04
Bureau of Standards and Inspection of Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan formulated BSMI certification system management for general electrical products. Items that are declared to be subject to inspection may be placed on the domestic market in accordance with the application procedures established by the BUREAU of Standards and Inspection.
Our Taiwan partner is a BSMI approved emc and safety laboratory (information and audio-visual products), and can send the application to BSMI on behalf of the applicant, providing a complete BSMI certification service. In addition to BSMI, Taiwan's wireless transmission and communication product certification system is DGT, which is currently issued by Chunghwa Telecommunications Research Institute and Electric Inspection Center. As with BSMI, applications for DGT certification still require tests and a report from an accredited laboratory.
Certification marks

Technical information
● Voltage: AC110V or 220V, frequency: 60Hz
● Plug and some important parts should comply with CNS standard.

The factory inspection
BSMI certification does not require factory inspection.
Validity of certificate
BSMI certificate is valid for 3 years; DGT has no validity period.
For applicants
● THERE are three BSMI application procedures, which are verification login, batch by batch inspection and declaration of conformity.
● In addition to the declaration of conformity, all need to obtain BSMI issued certificate.
● BSMI will implement mandatory safety inspection of information products from July 1, 2005, and the buffer period will be from the announcement date to June 30, 2005.