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VCCI Japan

date:2023-04-08 14:35:05

VCCI is a Japanese ELECTROMAGNETIC Interference certification mark. It is managed by the Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment. Assess it products for compliance with VCCI requirements in accordance with CISPR 22.
VCCI certification is not mandatory, but it is generally required for information technology products sold in Japan. Manufacturers should first apply to become members of THE VCCI before they can use the VCCI logo. In order to obtain VCCI approval, the EMI test report must be issued by the VCCI registered testing organization.

In 2002, all CISPR publications will be converted to Japanese JIS standards.
The CISPR publications given indicate that there is a corresponding relationship with the Japanese standard, but there are some differences between the two. The Japanese standard integrates its own requirements and experience while referring to the international standard.
Japan does not currently have a standard for EMC immunity, but plans to develop a standard for EMC immunity in the next few years by the newly established JIS/EMC standard development committee, which will refer to the IEC 61000 series of standards.